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Freedom to Soar

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Can you make a difference in the lives of members and our community by powering their financial independence? One local credit union believes we absolutely can. 
Partnering with American Eagle Financial Credit Union (AEFCU), we embarked on an ambitious journey to revolutionize its digital presence and member engagement. Through a thorough discovery process that focused on emerging and aspirational market persona groups, we redefined the AEFCU brand archetype and crafted a new tagline to anchor our campaign.


Our mission: to bring to life AEFCU's vision of "Freedom to Soar," where financial freedom empowers every member to pursue what they love. Our collaboration launched a transformative campaign, encapsulated in our brand anthem video, "Fly," which celebrates members' journeys towards financial freedom.

Brand Anthem Video:

"Fly" embodies the courage and ambition of AEFCU's members, who, much like pioneers, are on a quest for financial freedom. Powered by our refreshed brand strategy and passion for helping our community soar to new heights, the cinematic brand anthem features the track "Fly" by Sugar Ray—a nod to frontman Mark McGrath's Hartford roots. It highlights community-centric stories of members catapulted by AEFCU’s products and services to confidently navigate their financial journeys and achieve their super "Fly" moments.


Telling members' stories meant revitalizing the AEFCU Brand from the ground up.

This required an all encompassing approach, tackling a wide range of deliverables across all owned, earned, and paid channels. From in-branch signage and Video Teller Machine (VTM) screens to digital platforms, social media assets, member print collateral, and an expansive new paid marketing campaign, our efforts were strategic and integrated. We centered our storytelling around a fresh UVP and Mission.

Unique Value Proposition:

AEFCU delivers personalized member experiences, enhancing financial literacy and providing cutting-edge tools and technology. This empowers their members to focus on life's journeys without financial constraints.


Their mission is steadfast—to enrich the lives of our members and communities. Committed to transforming the financial landscape to ensure that financial freedom isn't just an ideal, but a reality for everyone.

Tone and Style:

Reflecting AEFCU’s foundational belief in "Financial Freedom for All," the campaign is vibrant and aspirational. It emotionally connects with viewers through stories of empowerment and their personal definition of success, driven by AEFCU’s commitment to financial education and innovative banking solutions.


IMPACT: Early Results 45 Days in Market


Brand Anthem video impressions across digital and broadcast



Brand landing page conversions


Up 58.3%

Sitewide conversions period over period