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GO Celebrates 20 Years

2 min read

This past week we celebrated a big milestone. We assembled our entire crew, 30 GO teammates from 9 states for 2 days, to celebrate 20 years.

And while we are on a numbers theme, we kicked off the celebration with an Enneagram workshop led by LGH (Leadership of Greater Hartford). Do you know your number? If you're unfamiliar with this personality test, the session helped us gain insight into our own personalities, as well as each others. It was the perfect combination of fun and thought provoking team building. Now we all have a deeper understanding of the people we work with and what makes them tick.

We also heard from some of the OG GO folk. Who gave their own version of what life was like at GO from the early years.

It wasn't all self reflection, we headed to The Truck Bar for some team bonding and friendly competition and many rounds of corn hole. From dinners, to games, to presentations in the end, the best part was being together and making new memories.

Cheers to 20!