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Obama's Busted Bracket Circa 2014

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10 years ago on March 30, 2014, The UConn Huskies upset Michigan State in the Elite 8 of the Mens NCAA March Madness tournament, this win effectively busted then President Barack Obama's bracket who had Michigan State to win the whole thing. At the time, GO Agency was managing marketing for UConn athletics and their Twitter account and we put out this tweet: 


The tweet had a pretty decent amount of engagement, but then...







Normal reach got some attention from Jimmy Fallon...


...and the Today Show...


...and the Twitterverse!


Millions of dollars of media exposure... all for free. There is nothing quite like unpaid, organically earned media... except maybe UConn winning a second year in a row. 

And after 10 years, President Obama finally grabbed a seat on the bandwagon, choosing UConn, for the first time ever, to win the National Championship.