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The Beginner's Guide to Creating and Understanding GPTs

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On November 6th, OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, unveiled a feature enabling global users to customize their own GPT models. This innovation allows individuals to tailor ChatGPT for specific purposes, moving beyond standard usage to create a personalized GPT optimized for their unique goals and applications. I instantly started to play around with different GPT ideas.

After tinkering for a couple of weeks, I created a step-by-step guide on best practices to create your own GPT and how it can help with manual tasks.

Define Your GPT's Purpose:

Decide what tasks you want your GPT to perform. It could be anything from generating automated responses to emails, creating content and imagery, pulling dinner reservations, researching a vacation, coding, or data analysis. Having a clear purpose will guide the training process.

Gather Your Training Data:

The effectiveness of your GPT largely depends on the quality of the training data. Use targeted prompts and direct instructions to format your GPT based on what you want it to achieve. What’s cool about creating a custom GPT is that you can upload documents/data/information that's relevant to the tasks you want your GPT to perform. This data will help shape the output of the GPT and allow it to sharpen its skills.

Test and Refine:

After the initial training, test your GPT with real-world tasks. It's normal for the first version to have limitations or not work correctly as you intended. Use the test results to refine and retrain your model for better accuracy based on the initial outputs.

Continuous Learning and Updating:

AI models like GPT need continuous updates and learning. Plan to regularly provide new data and insights to keep the model relevant and effective.

With your GPT active, you can now publish so the public can use it and share the link with friends who might find it useful. In December, OpenAI created a GPT store which allows GPTs created by the public, to be accessed by anyone with a ChatGPT4 subscription. I even utilized a Blog Writer GPT in the store to help me craft this post 

How a GPT Helps with Manual Tasks:

Time Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks like data entry, basic customer queries, and scheduling. This frees up time for more complex and creative tasks.

Consistency and Accuracy: A well-trained GPT can perform repetitive tasks with consistent accuracy, reducing human error.

Scalability: GPTs can handle an increasing volume of work without the need to increase staff, making your operation more scalable.

Cost-Effective: In the long run, automating tasks with a GPT can be more cost-effective than hiring additional staff for repetitive work.

Now I want to share 2 GPT concepts I created, one for work and one for my personal life.


I spend a lot of my days putting together google ads outlines for clients running google search campaigns. An extensive amount of keywords research goes into these plans in order to make sure we create the best campaigns possible. Well now with “Make Search Campaigns Faster” I created a tool that helps me get a head start of account structure, keywords research, and even ad copy. See screenshots below.


Looking to run a google ads campaign for a new water bottle to compete with the stanley. The focus will be on women in their 20-40, people who are active, work in the office. I will need account structure, keywords and ad copy recommendations.


To create a structured Google Ads campaign for your iron supplement, focusing on those with iron deficiencies and anemia, we'll break down the campaign into several key elements: account Based on the structure of the Google Ads campaigns in the provided outlines, I will create a similar structured outline for your new water bottle campaign targeted at women aged 20-40, with a focus on those who are active and work in offices.

Account Structure Overview

Campaign Name: "WaterBottle_ActiveWomen_2024"
Target Geography: Nationwide (with a focus on urban areas)
Target Demographic: Women aged 20-40, Active Lifestyle, Office Workers

Ad Groups

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles
Keywords: "eco-friendly water bottle", "sustainable water bottle", "biodegradable water bottle"
Match Type: Broad Match for wide reach, Exact Match for high intent searches

Water Bottles for Office
Keywords: "office water bottle", "stylish water bottle for work", "water bottle desk"
Match Type: Phrase Match to target specific office-related searches

Water Bottles for Fitness
Keywords: "gym water bottle", "water bottle for workout", "fitness water bottle"
Match Type: Broad Match to capture a range of fitness-related queries

Trendy Water Bottles
Keywords: "trendy water bottle", "fashionable water bottle", "stylish water bottle"
Match Type: Phrase Match to target style-conscious consumers

Ad Copy Recommendations

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Ad Copy
Headline: "Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly Bottles"
Description: "Sustainable & stylish water bottles for the eco-conscious. Shop now!"

Water Bottles for Office Ad Copy
Headline: "Elevate Your Desk with Chic Water Bottles"
Description: "Stay hydrated at work with our elegant and functional water bottles."

Water Bottles for Fitness Ad Copy
Headline: "Stay Hydrated in Style at the Gym"
Description: "Durable and trendy water bottles perfect for your fitness routine."

Trendy Water Bottles Ad Copy
Headline: "Fashion Meets Function in Our Bottles"
Description: "Discover our range of stylish water bottles. Perfect for every occasion!"

Additional Notes

  • Budget Allocation: Consider allocating more budget to "Eco-Friendly" and "Fitness" ad groups based on current trends in sustainability and health.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adjust ad copy and budget for seasonal trends, like New Year fitness resolutions or Earth Day for eco-friendly products.

Personal Life

When traveling, me and my fiance love trying new restaurants. I’m usually the one tasked with researching different spots in a new city and securing reservations if applicable. Well I created a “Find a Reservation” for ease of finding new restaurants and securing reservations.


For your dinner options in West Palm Beach on Friday, February 3rd, here are five restaurants that take reservations:

Bimini Twist: Known for its American and seafood offerings with a contemporary twist, Bimini Twist provides a delightful dining experience with a range of options.
Lynora's: If you're in the mood for Italian cuisine, Lynora's offers a fine dining experience with a variety of Italian dishes.
Okeechobee Steak House: For steak lovers, the Okeechobee Steak House is a great choice. This steakhouse has a rich history and is known for its high-quality American steak dishes.
Malakor Thai Cafe: Offering traditional Thai dishes, Malakor Thai Cafe is a vibrant choice for those who enjoy Asian cuisine. It features a colorful interior and a sushi bar, adding to its appeal.
The Blind Monk: This wine bar and restaurant is ideal for those looking for a chic setting with an impressive wine selection and various delicious dishes. It's a great spot for a more relaxed, yet sophisticated dining experience.

Remember to check for availability and make reservations as these places might be popular. Enjoy your dinner in West Palm Beach!