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The Tush Push Explained

7 min read

Greenlight team talks with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Kyle Brandt to unlock this phenomenon.

We always love when our friends at the NFL call, but we were especially excited last month when they called asking if we would be interested in taking on a story involving the singular Neil DeGrasse Tyson on a piece about the physics of the Tush Push.

We worked with Dr. Tyson, the American Museum of Natural History, and our partners at NFL Network to come up with a plan that would best suit Dr. Tyson’s thoughts around the play and how we could look at it in a different way. We were lucky to have Kyle Brandt along to structure this project like a conversation…but one unlike any we’ve seen before.


After the shoot, we put together a couple versions of the conversation for distribution on multiple channels. The results speak for themselves.



Views on X as of 1/23/24 (4 min version)


Views on X as of 1/23/24 (6 min version)


Views on TikTok as of 2/14/24 (4 min version)

The lesson of this project is one we learned many times before, and excuse the alliteration…smart storytelling and star power are a recipe for success.